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Michael Bloomberg for President Though Mike Bloomberg has made it clear in a New York Times Editorial that he will, in fact, not run for President of the United States, I will continue to keep this website live. I will also keep the site's petition open. Should events encourage Mr. Bloomberg to reconsider for 2012, this site will be here to assistant in that cause.

I will also continue to add new material relevant to Mr. Bloomberg, if only occasionally. For now, I will leave other existing content here as it is.

If you are disappointed in the direction you see our country going, consider the opportunity that a man like Mr. Bloomberg presents. Residents of New York City give their mayor an unprecedented +70% approval rating. A self-made billionaire with a long record for executive managerial competence and economic expertise. He has proven himself to be non-partisan, choosing a pragmatic over dogmatic approach to decision making. Because he is self-financed, he is beholden to no special interests. The time for a third-party candidate is now, and Bloomberg is the right man at the right time.

This site has now joined our petition with other Draft Bloomberg efforts to pool our signatures in one place. Therefore if you sign our petition, you may receive a confirmation email from an organization other than this website. Click here to sign the petition now.

Once you have signed the petition, ask others to do the same.

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Judge for yourself
A selection of videos have been compiled of Mike Bloomberg speaking on the issues, various individuals speaking of the impact of a potential Bloomberg presidential run and several other related videos.

Mike Bloomberg press conference
Times Square bombing

At approximately 3:30am on the morning of Thursday, March 6, 2008, an unknown individual bombed the US Army recruitment center. This is the press conference that Mike Bloomberg held in response.
Mike Bloomberg
Giving his keynote address on partisanship, in Los Angeles at Ceasefire: Bridging the Political Divide.
Diana Taylor,
Mike Bloomberg’s ladyfriend

Michael Bloomberg’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor-- member of the Council on Foreign Relations, banking and international finance expert, Managing Director of Wolfensohn & Co., Chair of the Hudson River Park Trust, Chair of the Commission for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and former Superintendent of Banks for the State of New York. As interviewed at City University.
State of the City address
Michael Bloomberg gives his 2008, New York City, State of the City address.
Healthcare reform
Michael Bloomberg speaks with Dr. William Brody and Judy Woodruff to discuss the role of the federal government in healthcare reform.
With Lance Armstrong on cancer
Seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona are joined by Michael Bloomberg at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, TX, to bring cancer back into the spotlight of the public heath debate.

Lance introduces Mike at time marker 13:52
Mike speaks at Bipartisan Forum
An excerpt from the Bipartisan Forum held at the University of Oklahoma, hosted by University of Oklahoma President and former Oklahoma Governor and Senator, David Boren. Also participating were William Cohen, Chuck Hagel, Gary Hart, Christine Todd Whitman, and others.
Rebuilding infrastructure
Mike Bloomberg speaking in Los Angeles with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell. Together they have formed a new coalition, “Building America’s Future,” which will rally support for a renewed federal commitment to funding America’s infrastructure needs with state partners, and policies to leverage investment partnerships with the private sector.
Google Interview
Sheryl Sandberg interviewed Michael Bloomberg at Google headquaters.
Conservative Party Conference, UK-4
Bloomberg was invited as a guest speaker to the British Conservative Party Conference in October 2007.
Democrats & Republicans
Michael Bloomberg speaks about the problems with the two major parties at the Federal level.

Education Reform pt. 1
Six-months into his first term as mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg appeared as a guest on John Stewart’s The Daily Show. In the first half of the interview, he is asked about the differences between management in the private sector versus the public sectors. Steward compliments Mike, “You are the most humble billionaire I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Education Reform pt. 2
In the second half of the interview, Mike goes into more detail about the schools, as well as touching on post 9/11 New York security issues, crime reduction, following Giuliani and other issues of his early first term.
Chuck Hagel
In this interview with Bill Maher, the retiring Republican Senator from Nebraska, and most likely Vice Presidential running mate of Michael Bloomberg, Chuck Hagel, discusses the war in Iraq, the deficit and disappointment with the incompetence of the Bush administration.
John Zogby
The founder of polling firm Zogby International, weighs in on what impact Michael Bloomberg could have on the 2008 U.S. Presidential election.
Doug Bailey
After disolving Unity08, Doug Bailey and Jerry Rafshoon held a press conference to announce the formation of the Draft Bloomberg Committee.

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Learn about Mike’s youth, his accomplishments in his private sector career, what he has achieved as mayor or New York and some of his positions on national issues. Together on a single folded sheet.

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Download a PDF of a “Mike Bloomberg for President” poster, flyer or hand-bill and print it out on any color printer. Good for your window, door, car, desk or anywhere you can put one on display to help spread the word.

Mike Bloomberg for President poster 1 large Mike Bloomberg for President poster 2 medium Mike Bloomberg for President poster 3 small
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Bloomberg by Bloomberg
Read about Mike Bloomberg in his own words, in his autobiography, Bloomberg by Bloomberg.

“Lots of entrepreneurs make money. Lots of entrepreneurs who make money write books. Few of those books make you glad they did. This one does.”
   —The New York Times Book Review

Available New in Paperback

In The Press
This is by no means a comprehensive list of news articles, but rather a limited list of noteworthy press about Mike Bloomberg. A more complete list can be found easily, by searching Michael Bloomberg in the news listings of portals such as Google or Yahoo!

Mike Bloomberg with Arnold Schwarzenegger on TIME magazine coverMike Bloomberg on the cover of Newsweek magazineMike Bloomberg on the cover of New York magazineDiana Taylor on the cover of New York Daily News
read cover story read cover story read cover story read cover story

Michael Bloomberg on MSNBC January 15, 2008
Bloomberg gave $205 million to charity in 2007
New York City mayor moves up to No. 7 on Chronicle of Philanthropy list
Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $205 million to 1,100 nonprofits last year, an increase of tens of millions of dollars from previous years, according to a new ranking...

read the article

Michael Bloomberg in Conde Nast Portfolio July 11, 2007
Mike Bloomberg, Social Networking Mogul
David Carr, bringing bylines to DealBook, notes that Michael Bloomberg is going to be hanging out with the MySpace and Facebook honchos (that's Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg, for those of you following along at home) at Herb Allen's Sun Valley power klatsch this week. Carr tells us that Bloomberg "has proven to be one of the most durable and consistently innovative media barons of our time". What he doesn't tell us is that Bloomberg was arguably the world's first social-networking billionaire...

read the article

Michael Bloomberg in BusinessWeek June 14, 2007
Bloomberg: The CEO Mayor
How New York's Mike Bloomberg is creating a new model for public service that places pragmatism before politics

The American businessman-politician has a long and storied history. From Alexander Hamilton (industrialist) to Herbert Hoover (mining consultant)... Which brings us to New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. This forthright and prosaic 65-year-old billionaire just may have the right combination of managerial, risk-taking, and political skills to create a new model for public service—possibly even at the national level should Bloomberg run for President...

read the article

Michael Bloomberg in Washington Times January 6, 2008
Keeping Palestine in mind
...speaking privately, said what a growing number of American Jews are echoing – only a Bloomberg presidency could pull off a Palestinian settlement by getting Israelis to make the indispensable concessions...

read the article

Michael Bloomberg in the New York Daily News May 14th 2007
Bloomy tops Rudy in battle of the titans
Daily News poll shows overwhelming support for billionaire

Michael Bloomberg is not only a better mayor of New York than Rudy Giuliani - he'd make a better President, too. That's the result of a Daily News poll released today that asked the voters who know best – New Yorkers – which man belongs in the White House...

read the article

Michael Bloomberg in the New York Sun February 8, 2006
Bloomberg for President?
There's no shortage of New Yorkers being mentioned in connection with the 2008 presidential campaign. Democrats have Senator Clinton as their front-runner. Republicans have Mayor Giuliani, who is showing respectably in the early polls, and the often underestimated Governor Pataki, who has been visiting Iowa and New Hampshire. But there is a fourth potential candidate, not much mentioned...

read the article

Michael Bloomberg on ABC News June 01, 2006
No Icons, No Monuments Worth Protecting
New York has no national monuments or icons, according to the Department of Homeland Security form obtained by ABC News. That was a key factor used to determine that New York City should have its anti-terror funds slashed by 40 percent--from $207.5 million in 2005 to $124.4 million in 2006. “All I can tell you is if you look at their worksheets, and it says that New York City doesn't have any high visibility national icons ... I mean, I don't have to list the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the Stock Exchange,” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said...

read the article

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One great way to get more involved is to join a Bloomberg Meet Up Group in your area. It’s easy, just click here for the master-page for all national Bloomberg for President Meet Up Groups and see if your city is listed. If it is not, you can start one yourself. If leading a Meet Up group is a larger responsibility than you can commit to, then sign up as an interested party for joining a Meet Up Group in your area. When someone else does organize one, you will be notified. That’s all it takes.

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Who is behind this website and why?
My name is Chris Grayson. For thirteen years I have lived in New York City, working as an Art Director/Creative Director in new media marketing/advertising. This website was created entirely of my own initiative. As a citizen of New York and a resident of Manhattan, Mike Bloomberg has impressed me most with his ability to deliver results. He has applied a private sector management style, employed creative problem solving, hired a strong team pulling from both the private and public sector, regardless of party affiliation, and held both his staff and himself accountable. Where politicians make election year promises, Bloomberg simply delivers results.

The way I see it– It is rare that one finds a candidate that agrees with them on every issue. But at the end of the day, the President is the executive manager of the world’s most powerful enterprise, the US government. It is my belief that most voters far overrate a checklist of policy positions while underestimating the value of competence and management experience. By my estimation, the most important thing to consider in a president is, does the candidate have the competence and the experience to manage such an enterprise? Do they have the economic, private sector and financial expertise to keep the economy strong? Will they make sound judgement in a crisis? Will they hire competent people, or just give valuable positions to unqualified individuals because they “owe” someone for a campaign contribution?

This makes Bloomberg the right man at the right time. His money buys him independence of a sort no other candidate can claim. No lobbyist can influence him.

I have made my best case for a Bloomberg presidency, have shared videos to let Bloomberg make his own case, have linked to media coverage to make the case and have joined with others who share in this common cause. Now I will ask you again to click here and sign the petition to draft Mike Bloomberg into the 2008 presidential race.

Don’t take my word for it...
Any realistic prospect for an independent candidate winning the presidency will be prominent endorsements. Bloomberg is not yet in the race, therefore does not have formal endorsements, but below is a list of politicians, and media figures, business leaders and other prominent individuals who have made statements about a possible Bloomberg presidential run or could be considered outright endorsements, should Bloomberg choose to enter the race. All of the stories are sourced with a small link below each comment.

Nancy Reagan on Michael Bloomberg for president

Nancy Reagan
The former First Lady is a friend of Bloomberg, and rumor has it she is pushing him to run. Bloomberg supports embryonic stem cell research and has been helping Nancy raise money for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Source: New York Post | Source: Politico

Al Gore on Michael Bloomberg for president

Al Gore
The former Vice President has given praise to Bloomberg on environmental issues and has said he cannot rule out endorsing an independent candidate. Of Gore, Steve Forbes predicts, “The Nobel Peace laureate will endorse Michael Bloomberg’s independent bid next year for the presidency.”

Source: Forbes

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Michael Bloomberg for president

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Governator and Hizzoner recently appeared together on the cover of TIME Magazine. In The New York Times, Arnold has praised Bloomberg as his “Soul Mate.” And Schwarzenegger financial advisor, Warren Buffett, has looked for a constitutional loophole that would let Schwarzenegger run on a ticket with Mike. However, the consensus is that it would not be constitutional for Austrian born Schwarzenegger to hold the Vice President’s office, leading to speculation that Arnold could be offered the position of Secretary of State. Arnold’s recent endorsement of McCain for the Republican nomination does not preclude him from endorsing Bloomberg in the general election.

Source: New York Times | Source: Time Magazine | Source: Bernie Quigley

Chuck Hagel on Michael Bloomberg for president

Chuck Hagel
The retiring Nebraska Senator (R) may be the most frequently mentioned potential Bloomberg running mate, about which Chuck has said, “I think Mayor Bloomberg is the kind of individual who should seriously think about this. It’s a great country to think about - a New York boy and a Nebraska boy to be teamed up leading this nation.”

Source: CBS News

Ben Nelson on Michael Bloomberg for president

Ben Nelson
The Nebraska Senator (D) pondered the significance of Bloomberg running for president on a unity ticket with his fellow Nebraskan, Chuck Hagel (above) and said, “Maybe Bloomberg is the person to step in and change the dynamics.”

Source: The Hill

Sam Nunn on Michael Bloomberg for president

Sam Nunn
The retired Georgia Senator (D) has admitted to having held talks with Bloomberg regarding his possible candidacy in the 2008 election and has said, “My own thinking is, it may be a time for the country to say, ‘Timeout. The two-party system has served us well, historically, but it’s not serving us now.’”

Source: Third Party Watch

Ed Koch on Michael Bloomberg for president

Ed Koch
The former Mayor of New York City (D) has endorsed Bloomberg for President in a Washington Post article titled, “I Like Mike. So Will You.”

Source: Washington Post

John McCain on Michael Bloomberg for president

John McCain
Speaking at a recent debate, the Arizona senator and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination said, “In New York City today there are some remarkable things happening under Mayor Bloomberg and Joel Klein, who have done marvelous work with an educational system that was clearly broken.” This has fueled speculation that McCain may hedge his bets against losing the nomination, and consider a VP slot on a potential Bloomberg ticket (McCain endorsed Bloomberg for New York City mayor and came to New York to help campaign for him).

Source: The New York Sun

David Boren on Michael Bloomberg for president

David Boren
The University of Oklahoma President and former Oklahoma Governor and Senator (D), speaking of the state of politics in the nation, was quoted as saying, “Some of us might well be open to encouraging an independent candidacy if the two parties don’t meet their responsibilities [and Bloomberg] would be one person who should be seriously considered.”

Source: New York Newsday

Christopher Shays on Michael Bloomberg for president

Christopher Shays
Bloomberg campaigned heavily for Shays (R), endorsing him when he defended his Connecticut Congressional seat in a close race in 2006. “I love the mayor,” Shays says, “Candidly, he helped me to get reelected, and I can’t forget that.” When asked whether he would endorse Bloomberg should he decide to run, Shays said, “I would take a good look at him, depending on who is running.”

Source: The Hill | Source: Bloomberg endorsement spot via YouTube

Doug Bailey on Michael Bloomberg for president

Doug Bailey
In a press conference broadcast on C-SPAN, the founder of Washington Congressional newsletter, The Hotline, and former campaign consultant to Gerald Ford and other Republican politicians, said, “Michael Bloomberg is not gonna run for president unless he thinks he can win. So it is not taking the election away from one person and giving it to a third person... I believe he absolutely can win... and I hope that’s something we get into— the nature of the electorate, the independent vote, and the electoral college, [because] I think he has a very good chance of winning.” He went on to add, “His ability to pull together the most competent team, regardless of party, to deal with the issues that confront the country is, I think, one of the most compelling reasons for his candidacy.”

Source: C-SPAN via YouTube

Ed Rollins on Michael Bloomberg for president

Jerry Rafshoon
The Co-Founder of Unity08 and former campaign consultant to Jimmy Carter and other Democratic politicians has said, “Michael Bloomberg is the perfect independent leader. And, a very competent one who knows how to work across party lines to get results.”

Source: Unity08 via Google cache

David Garth on Michael Bloomberg for president

David Garth
The man TIME Magazine once called, “the nation’s most sought-after campaign strategist,” with centerist politicians of both parties among his clients, when asked about a possible Michael Bloomberg presidential run, has said, “Of all the people I’ve seen, he certainly has the ability and he has the experience, I can’t think of anybody in the country who is better situated than Mike is.”

Source: Associated Press via SignOn San Diego / San Diego Union-Tribune | Source: TIME

Ed Rollins on Michael Bloomberg for president

Ed Rollins
The former campaign manager to Ronald Reagan wrote a piece for the Washington Post titled, “Bully for Bloomberg. Come on In, Mike. It Could Be a Wild Ride,” pleading him to enter the 2008 presidential race.

Source: Washington Post

Jack Welch on Michael Bloomberg for president

Jack Welch
Asked by New York Magazine what he thought of Bloomberg as President, the former CEO of G.E. answered, “I think he’d be great. He’s got the business-management skills and has shown he can manage a very complicated city.”

Source: New York Magazine

Richard Parson on Michael Bloomberg for president

Richard D. Parson
Speaking to BusinessWeek about the appeal of Mike Bloomberg as a presidential candidate, the Chairman of the Board of Time Warner said, “People see that this can be done in a place like New York, effectively managing something so large and complex, and they think, ‘Hey, this can be done elsewhere.’”

Source: BusinessWeek

John Bogle on Michael Bloomberg for president

John Bogle
The founder and retired CEO of the world’s second largest mutual fund, The Vanguard Group, was put on the spot by Fortune magazine when asked, “Whom are you backing in the presidential election?” John responsed, “I try not to get into making a decision until we have two nominees. One thing that does excite me is the idea that Michael Bloomberg might make an independent run at it, although the signals now say he’s not. But he has a lot of time to decide, and maybe he can be lured into doing it. I’m a great admirer of his. He’s a mover and shaker. We need a little moving and shaking down in D.C.”

Source: Fortune Magazine

Mark Cuban on Michael Bloomberg for president

Mark Cuban
Expressing disappointment in the current crop of major party contenders, the internet billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks has, via his personal blog, made an endorsement of Mike Bloomberg entering the presidential race.

Source: Blog Maverick, the Mark Cuban weblog

Warren Buffett on Michael Bloomberg for president

Warren Buffett
The Omaha Billionaire, and Schwarzenegger financial advisor has looked for a constitutional loophole that would let Schwarzenegger run on a ticket with Mike saying, “That would be one hell of a team, wouldn’t it?”

Source: Time Magazine

Donald Trump on Michael Bloomberg for president

Donald Trump
In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, the Donald refused to endorse any candidate, yet, but will eventually make a formal endorsement. Of Bloomberg, he says, “I think he’s a fantastic person. He’s somebody that I know and respect. He’s been a wonderful mayor of this city; he’s done a great job. And I think he’d be formidable and he can spend the money that it takes to get elected. I think he’d be very formidable.”

Source: CNN

Rupert Murdoch on Michael Bloomberg for president

Rupert Murdoch
The traditionally conservative media mogul, owner of FOX News and proud new owner of the Wall Street Journal has been quoted by New York Daily News as saying, “Bloomberg would be my choice.”

Source: New York Daily News

Mort Zuckerman on Michael Bloomberg for president

Mort Zuckerman
The media baron and owner of U.S. News and World Report personally penned an opinion piece in U.S. News titled “What to Like About Mike,” laying out the reasons why his readers should give Bloomberg serious consideration, should Mike chose to enter the race.

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Lally Weymouth on Michael Bloomberg for president

Lally Weymouth
The Senior Editor of Newsweek Magazine, introducing Bloomberg at the publishing industry’s Breindel Awards, said, “Everybody in New York that I know thinks he’s a brilliant mayor, and everyone thinks he would be a brilliant president.”

Source: The New York Observer

Bono on Michael Bloomberg for president

The rock-star turned philanthropist met with Bloomberg in November. In a statement, Bono said he felt Bloomberg “could do an awful lot of good inside or outside the White House.” The meeting was requested by Bloomberg to discuss their philanthropic activities.

Source: Huffington Post

Lance Armstrong on Michael Bloomberg for president

Lance Armstrong
The 7 time Tour de France winner is known to have met with Bloomberg at least four times in the past year, including once that was only recently disclosed as a result of a Freedom of Information Law request– Lance was entertained for dinner by Mike at Gracie Mansion. The private meeting was requested by Mr. Armstrong purportedly to discuss their philanthropic activities. Most recently, Mike Bloomberg and Lance Armstrong appeared together to speak on the state of healthcare and cancer research at a press conference in Austin Texas. Speaking to the press, Armstrong said, “In my opinion, whoever wants to be President of the United States of America ought to address the number one killer in this country.”

Source: Austin American Statesman | Source: New York Post

Fats Domino on Michael Bloomberg for president

Fats Domino
Touring hurricane-ravaged neighbors of New Orleans’ lower Ninth Ward, Bloomberg expressed disappointment in the government’s reconstruction efforts, or lack thereof. During the tour he picked up the endorsement of local musician, Fats Domino, who said Bloomberg will have his vote, should he choose to enter the Presidential race, adding, “He’s a good man. I like him very much.”

Source: New York Daily News

Sam Waterson on Michael Bloomberg for president

Sam Waterson
As the spokesman for Unity08, a bipartisan organization seeking to promote a third party ticket, Waterson has said of Michael Bloomberg, “If he formally embraced Unity08’s principal goals of a bipartisan, nonpartisan, postpartisan ticket – which he’s almost in a position to do all by himself, having been a Democrat, a Republican, and now an independent – and of an administration dedicated to ending partisanship within itself and in Washington, then it’s hard to think of anyone better placed to win Unity08’s support if he sought it. And, of course, there’s nothing that says Unity08 couldn’t draft him.”

Source: McLaughlin Group (transcript via politico-swizzlestick)

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