Just started with online guitar lessons

Updated for 2015

You’re cool if you know how to play the guitar, or at least thats what I used to think when I couldn’t play! The challenge in learning is there though. It is tough. But its certainly not impossible, especially when you have help.

While some cannot afford to have someone to do teach you, let’s say that there are no willing friends and it can also be very intimidating for you, why not stay in your spare room in front of your computer and learn to play the instrument from online guitar lessons? Before you opt for it, you have to set in your mind that there is no easy short cut to learn playing this instrument, you will need to put time in and follow a structured learning plan.

Look for reliable sites that provide easy and comprehensive tutorials and in-depth approaches on the notes, chords and so on. As you have landed on the site, it is recommended that you have it bookmarked. Why? Keep in mind that you cannot learn a lot in just one session. For this reason, you have to come back some other time and continue learning online guitar lessons.

Update: I have been using lessons from an online video provider for over a year now. I have gained so much knowledge that I have actually started bring in some extra cash at weekends playing in a local cover band. I recommend looking for the best online guitar lessons for beginners for your budget, skills and more important for what you want to learn.

Source: Guitar Guru

Expect the pain on your fingers

If you want to learn mastering the guitar, you are not spared from the pain that your fingers have to suffer. There is no way to get rid of it, especially if you are a beginner. Placing your fingers on the chords takes time to be learned and mastered thus you have to practice in regular basis. Set your convenient time every day depending on the time frame that you want to master and your daily routine as well.

Experts recommend that you should not learn online guitar lessons once in week. What is the reason behind this? It is because you can lose the calluses. It is also possible that you will not be motivated. Meanwhile, since you are a beginner, you should play the guitar and let your fingers suffer from the sore pain for five to ten minutes alone. Do not force yourself unto it. If your fingers are sore, have a break.

The importance of learning guitar lessons in a day to day basis is for you to make the process as short as possible. Well it definitely takes time to master it, but when you spend spare time in playing every day, the learning process won’t take too long.

Remember, if you are learning online guitar lesson, you should have the right attitude. You need to be patient and don’t be disheartened when it seems too hard for you. It is a long process but when you are patient, you will reap the reward in a significant time. Keep in mind that rushing is not the best way to mastering the guitar.

The more you take time to learn something, the faster you will achieve a favourable outcome. This is probably the best adage that can be attributed to learning guitar lessons. So, while learning to play the instrument can be a long and tough challenge, opt for online guitar lessons and couple it with patience. Soon, you can be a musical icon.

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Baby seats and laziness

So we are half way through the week today and all I have done is setup this blog and play some poker. I mean seriously, I have been beyond lazy this week.Oh, I didn’t tell you did I… Im away to be a DAD! Lazy, I don’t have time to be lazy?!

Little baby boy (please be a boy!) will be with us in a little under a month, I am so excited – I honestly haven’t told anyone but I am so excited about seeing my son (or daughter) for the first time. I never had a dad growing up, he let my mother down and well things didn’t go great for all of us. So now its my time to shine and be one hell of a great dad.

My wife and I went out today and bought a load of things for the baby. Everything from blankets, to bottles, to some awesome tshirts (these were for me, they are amazing!). We also ended up making two pretty large purchases today, one being a baby cot and a baby car seat. The cot was fine, we knew what kind of thing we were looking for so after a few shops and some chatting the decision was made and we got it there and then – it gets delivered next week, when I have to build the damn thing.

The car seat on the other hand we have been speaking about for well over a month now. We knew we wanted a Britax car seat but what one, what color and where to buy it was what we had talked about for what feels like 9 months now – see what I done there?! :)

Once we got home I decided today was ordering day, I jumped online and started hunting for Britax reviews and eventually found the model we wanted, with all the features that we are happy with – now the color, my wife chose that and went for some luminous green color. So thanks to some good Britax Marathon reviews and comparing every model to each other we are now proud owners of the Marathon G4 Kiwi – yep, I said it… Kiwi…

Tomorrow really is a lazy day, thankfully. I have been really busy this week getting things done around the house for the baby, so tomorrow will be a well deserved day off. No doubt I will be playing Sniper Elite 3 again :)

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Here goes guys… My blog

A lot of you have told me to start blogging because I am “funny” and I have some good “opinions”. Ha!

For those of you that don’t know me, I am Mike – obviously… I am a fairly normal guy, play sports, gaming, like to read a few books and go to the movies. I am told I have a strong opinion about movies and gaming, we will see I guess.

I was told the internet likes lists so here goes

  • Sports I play: Football, Soccer, Wrestling
  • Favorite Book: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – Fantastic book!
  • Latest Books I have read: Actually, I haven’t read in a while but I do listen to audiobooks. Stephen Kings 11/22/63 and Mr Mercedes.  11/22/63 is probably my second favorite book of all time. Listening to that book was such a joy and it made my commute to work so much easier.
  • Games I am playing: Destiny, Sniper Elite 3 and The Sims 4 – I am addicted to sniper elite 3 on PS4 just now, like seriously addicted.
  • Most recent Movie Trailers I have see: Annabelle – Thats shit is crazy! I like a good horror movie, something really creepy and maybe a little gore. Annabelle seems to be right up my street with the whole “true story” aspect. There are a load of movies I am looking forward to so hopefully I get the time to talk about them a little more.
  • Last movie I seen: Sex tape – It was OK. Don’t run out and see it or anything… Maybe rent it or something, if you have NOTHING else to watch.

I think that covers most of my latest things I have done, seen and or played.

I am going to update the blog a couple of times every month with some a movie or movie trailer review (or in my case a grilling) and share some of my own gaming videos. I am planning on doing a live stream of my Sniper Elite 3 addiciton soon, should be able to get it on here too.

Until next time.

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