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The art of writing is far beyond one’s ability to speak English well or being a native English speaker. Writing is more difficult than speaking for many reasons. We can’t use our body language such as waving of our hands or our face expressions in writing like we do in speaking. In addition to this one needs to have good understanding with grammar, punctuation and a strong tendency of avoiding use of colloquial (colloquies) and slangs to effectively communicate an idea in written English.

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The situation becomes more challenging when one has to communicate in writing a collection of ideas or a series of logical arguments in support of one single thought or an idea. The writer has to search for, gather and organize a great deal of information for this all. There has to be a strong factual presentation and a well knit, well concatenated chain of reasoning to guide the brain of the reader to move logically towards writer’s desired direction.

If you think after doing this all you are done with your writing assignments, you are wrong. We have not discussed the possibility of developing mood in your writing style, creating particular characters, writing to support or attack an argument, implying and inferring meaning, drawing conclusions and above all justifying your writing by providing the evidences of the origin of the facts and figures that you have used in your essay.( discuss research methods, references and bibliography).

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Facts & Figures

A research carried out at has revealed the fact that an average undergraduate student has to write about 2 to 3 assignments comprising 1000 words for each credit hour of their degree hence about 120000 words for graduation. A master’s level student has to undergo a more rigorous exercise and often writes at least and 12 to 18 assignments of around per semester while a PhD thesis has to be around 100000 words. Of course it varies from course to course, degree to degree and school to school.